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You can pay for your order in one of the following ways:

Credit/debit card payment through Stripe is one of the most secure, fast and reliable payment methods in online stores today. In our store, we provide this payment option as one of the most convenient ways to buy your favorite products. Here are some of the reasons why paying by credit/debit card with Stripe is the ideal choice:

Security: Stripe is one of the most trusted payment platforms in the world and offers the highest possible security for your transactions. All data related to your cards is protected with the innovative security system.

Speed: Paying by credit/debit card through Stripe is instant and allows you to complete your transaction with a simple click. This means you can receive your products faster and enjoy shopping without delays.

Flexibility: Stripe supports multiple card types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more. This gives you the opportunity to use the card that is most convenient for you for your purchases.

Ease of use: Our online store provides a simple and friendly interface to complete your payment with ease. Simply enter your card details and confirm the transaction.

The “Pay by Credit/Debit Card” option via Stripe is the way we recommend for your purchases in our store. It is safe, fast and easy, offering you a pleasant shopping experience. Choose this payment method to buy our products comfortably and safely.

You can choose the bank that makes it easier for you to deposit the amount of your order.
In any case, you can pay for your order by depositing the corresponding amount into our bank account.
After submitting your order, our accounting office will contact you to provide you with our bank account number which is convenient for you.

Your order will be loaded as soon as you send us the copy of the deposit slip, stating your order code. You can send the copy by email to the email address

Bank accounts

No. account: 5719-043788-658, IBAN: GR7901727190005719043788658 BENEFICIARY IRINI CHRYSOVALANTOU

REVOLUT: IBAN: LT493250055210413888 BENEFICIARY Eirini Chrysovalantou Platsi